History & Mission

Our Mission

The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Historical Society was established in 2016 and is devoted to the purposes of collecting, preserving, and expanding public awareness of the rich history of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims: a history that includes playing a pivotal role in the resolution of veterans’ claims. The Society, a private non-profit organization, accomplishes its mission by conducting educational programs aimed at practitioners, scholars, historians, and the general public. The Society furthers its purposes by supporting research, preserving artifacts, and publishing materials, both electronic and in print, that increase public awareness of the contributions the Court has made to our nation’s veterans. Support of the Society’s programs comes through contributions from its members and gifts and grants from individuals, foundations, corporations, and law firms.

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation


Founding Members

The following individuals are recognized as the Society’s Founding Members for their contributions toward the formation and initial organization of the society:

Judge Margaret Bartley
Judge Robert Davis
Judge William Greene, Jr.
Judge William Moorman
Judge Mary Schoelen
Lindlee Baker
Glenn Bergmann
Linda Blauhut
Gregory Block
Cynthia Brandon-Arnold
Kenneth Carpenter
Robert Chisholm
Connor Curran
Richard Daley
Angela Drake
Anna-Lisa Evans
Allison Fentress
Jonathan Gaffney
Brad Hennings
Glenda Herl
Dayna Ingrassia
Alice Kerns
David Myers
Jane Nichols
Elizabeth Pesin
Diane Rauber
James Ridgway
Scott Shoreman
Ronald Smith
Zachary Stolz
Charles Teague
Anna Whited